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Enright’s Original Gin Company
Enright’s Original Gin Company
The ubiquity of gin is such that it has seeped into numerous parts of our lives. Hand sanitiser, body wash, soap, desserts, cheese – you can find all these things and more infused with the botanical goodness of gin. Now, renowed Mixologist and Gin Enthusiast Mikey Enright is taking our favourite spirit to new heights with a collection of boutique grooming products.
Men's grooming at The Barber Shop
High quality barbering and grooming services

A barbershop experience at home

Hairdressing has always been close to Mikey’s heart. It’s where he began his career back in the late 1980s before an about-turn saw him enter the cutthroat hospitality industry. More than three decades later – and with accolades including ‘Best New International Cocktail Bar’, ‘Best Bar Operator’, ‘Gin Bar of the Year’ and ‘Time Out Legend Award’ to his name – Mikey has returned to the scene and is using his diverse expertise to create the ultimate men’s experience with Enright’s Original Gin Company.

Truthfully, men’s grooming has never been far from Mikey’s mind, even when he was topping best-of lists and consulting in bars around the world. It’s why his barbershop/cocktail bar – aptly named The Barber Shop – in Barangaroo is such a well-loved haunt for Sydneysiders and spirits aficionados alike.

Barber Shop Cocktail Bar
Barber Shop Cocktail Bar

Armed with this unique skillset, Mikey is arguably the best-positioned professional in the world to create a range of gin-infused grooming products.
As Mikey puts it: “My obsession with gin during my career has been raised to a whole new level. I wanted to create a gin experience in the barbershop as well as the bar.”

Quality above all else

Like everything Mikey touches, his latest venture required perfection before it was released to the masses. Enright’s Original Gin products are made in Australian from only the finest natural ingredients. They are non-petroleum and contain a host of botanicals including grains of paradise, violet, sweet orange and of course the deftest touch of juniper.

Crafted in the tradition of “the best gins of yesteryear”, Mikey is a skilled perfumer who knows how to balance essential oils for a superior product. Most of all, he wants to deliver the quality of a bespoke barbershop appointment into the hands of consumers.

To find out more about Enright’s Original Gin Company or to purchase any of Mikey’s grooming products, visit or @enrightsgincompany on Instagram.

Enright's Original Gin Products
Enright's Original Gin Products
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