The Gin Society strives to indulge its members with rare, premium gin that you won’t find at your average local bottle shop; whether this be from an Aussie town or an overseas distillery. We fell in love with not only the taste but the stories that surround the distilling of gin. It’s what drove us to explore and learn more about the gin world. There is an art, a method and a science behind the creation of gin and we want to share with our members what that world has to offer. As keen gin-thusiasts ourselves, we have travelled the world, experimenting and experiencing firsthand what is out there in the way of gins. We want to cultivate gin’s rapidly growing environment and its potential to be enjoyed in ways well beyond the regular G&T. Whether you’re in it for the cocktails, events, or just a crisp, classic gin at the end of the day, the Gin Society will share its secrets with you.