Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald.



Gin Society talks to former AFL player, Big Brother contestant and hugely popular Australian radio personality Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald. He was lucky enough to discover gin at one of the best bars in the world, and now he’s exploring some of Australia’s best unearthed gems!

What was your first proper introduction to gin?

It was actually in London. We were doing our radio show for a week covering the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate. We got invited back to DUKES Bar and a local ordered me a Monkey 47 Gin. It had hardly any tonic water in it, and it was magnificent.

What do you like about gin as a spirit?

I love the variety of gins out there, both here in Australia and overseas, and there are so many different flavours that are being introduced all the time.

How do you drink gin?

Usually a basic dry gin with a large ice cube. However, my wife and I have started introducing a CAPI Spicy Ginger Beer to our gin, which makes it so refreshing.

Have you tried any new gins lately?

I’m from Adelaide, so naturally I’m a big fan of the McLaren Vale and Barossa wine regions. I recently discovered Two Accents Gin in Lyndoch and tried their Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin – it’s magnificent.

What is your most memorable gin experience?

After that first experience of tasting gin in London, I purchased my own bottle of Monkey 47 in Sydney. I treasured that bottle and took it to a party that Andrew Burge, Founder of Gin Society, was also attending. We got on to the topic of gin and I begged him to try this new bottle I’d discovered. I was so worried about wasting my beloved Monkey 47 that I poured a feeble share of gin – Andrew noticed immediately, and I’ve been constantly reminded about that ever since!

What gin-based cocktail would you be?

Definitely a Spiced Gin Punch. The best way to make it is with your favourite gin, orange or pineapple juice, spiced simple syrup, clove bitters and tonic water.

Which three gins would you bring with you on a desert island?

Gothic Gin: It’s such a versatile gin that I’d love to have all to myself on an island. Two Accents Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin: For special occasions (by myself). Monkey 47: To be able to always go back to that first gin experience.
Gothic GinTwo Accents Barrel-Aged Shiraz GinMonkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

What do you like about Gin Society?

There are so many new gins entering the market right now that researching them all is way too time-consuming. The convenience of Gin Society makes our lives easier – and their strike rate has been very high!