Jagdev Singh.


Gin Society Director

Meet Jagdev Singh who may be better known as a master of wines, but he’s got a soft spot for spirits too – no wonder he’s a director here!

How were you introduced to gin?

My first true introduction happened when I was sitting downstairs at Freud’s (on Shaftesbury Avenue, London). I slowly worked my way across gins at the bar as a 21-year-old.

What makes gin such a special spirit for you?

It’s all about story and place – just like wine. The nuances of the different botanicals really make it for me. The sheer variety of gins that we are now exposed to is incredible as well.

How do you drink your gin?

Strongly, straight over ice. And with my wife.

What are some of the new gins you’ve been trying lately?

I have been loving Wolfrest Gin from Northern Italy. It’s mind-blowingly good.

Wolfrest Gin
Conceived as a family project, Wolfrest Gin comes from Montelupo Albese, a small village in the heart of Langhe. The village sits atop of a hill not far from the Ligurian seaside. These elements, as well as the prestigious Barolo wine for which the Piedmont region is renowned worldwide, are represented in this phenomenal gin.
What’s your most memorable gin experience?

Definitely my most recent – and very memorable – experience was with the founder of Gin Society, Andrew Burge, and my wife Emily at Bijou and Gin Palace in March. Great venues and loads of laughs were had!

What are your three desert island gins?
MGC - Rivo - Monkey 47 gin
Melbourne Gin Company Single Shot Rivo Foraged Gin Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
What do you like about being a director of Gin Society?

I love being part of a fast-growing business that is bringing new gins into the Australian marketplace. We have loyal clients and a great team. What’s not to like?

What have you noticed about the gin landscape in Australia recently?

I’ve noticed that the increase in gin sales has taken away from rosé sales. More and more people are having a gin as their first drink of the night. Consumers are also being super-adventurous with their gin choices, and in particular they are trusting us to give them something premium and unique.