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What do monkeys and gin have in common?
What do monkeys and gin have in common?
Introducing Emma Stokes a.k.a The Gin Monkey - the woman behind World Gin Day who is on a mission to make cocktail drinking even more popular for the masses! 

London-based, Emma works in science by day, as a bartender in cocktail bars on the odd night, hosts gin tastings and generally hangs out in gin distilleries whenever she can. Her first book ‘The Periodic Table of Cocktails’ is her brain working in hardback - a fun, concise, and appealingly geeky new concept to cocktail appreciation!

GinMonkey.co.uk was born in November 2009 after she struggled to find good cocktail bars. Her aim was to create a site that focussed specifically on cocktail bars and was created to be independent and impartial. Her website indulges in her love of gin, cocktails and way more. You won’t find formal reviews, just proof of her authentic love for gin and cocktails. She uses her extensive knowledge and insights in the gin and cocktail world to put together interesting articles and content with a different twist.

SO WHY THE NAME GIN MONKEY?  "Because of my love of the juniper spirit and the fact I’ve got ridiculously long arms!" laughs Emma.

HOW DID WORLD GIN DAY COME ABOUT? World Gin Day was actually founded by Neil Houston in 2009 as a brilliant idea to bring his friends together to drink gin in Birmingham, England. Already firm gin-friends,  Emma and Neil, along with some of Emma’s friends,  started celebrating drinking gin in a lovely little gin bar called Graphic in Soho, London. It’s grown every year since. In 2013 Emma formally took charge of the day, due to Neil’s work commitments and it’s evolved into a truly global celebration with events running in over 30 countries reaching over 200 million people on social channels!

WE ASKED EMMA WHAT WORLD GIN DAY 2022 MEANS"As ever, World Gin Day continues to unite the world in all things gin! It's great to see this special  day increasingly becoming an international affair as the years go on, with India and Australia in particular getting involved in 2022. I'm looking forward to sitting back on the day and seeing the celebrations from all over the world through the #worldginday hashtag, of course with a gin or two in hand."

WORLD GIN DAY IS THIS SATURDAY 11 JUNE 2022 - enjoy some gin, CELEBRATE by engaging with industry brands and bars and giving LOVE to the category. Whether you’re already a fan of the juniper spirit, or looking for an intro, World Gin Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved. For a full list of events click here.

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You can also grab a copy of The Periodic Table of Cocktails on Amazon here.

The Gin Monkey

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