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Unique uses for leftover gin
Unique uses for leftover gin
Leftover gin lying around the house? Highly unlikely. But say if you did and just for fun - here are some useful ways you can use this oh-so-versatile spirit. Great way to use up those gifted bottom shelf gins.

Gin makes your diamonds sparkle! Did you know the Queen’s dresser uses gin to clean her diamonds? Simply pour a small amount of gin onto a cotton pad and rub it over your jewellery or drop into a shot glass filled with gin. The high alcohol level will remove any grease or bacteria. Just don’t tell your jeweller.
Gin is the key to an extra flakey pie crust To avoid gluten formation which toughens the dough add some gin in your next bake. The gluten won’t form as the ethyl alcohol in gin does not attach itself in the same way as water does. Try with a blueberry pie for a fabulous pairing but just make sure you use a 40% chilled gin.
All-Purpose Household Cleaner While you have a spray bottle loaded up with gin, use it to get rid of mould and grime. For best cleaning results, let the stubborn spores soak in the alcohol for a few minutes before wiping them away with a damp cloth or sponge. We don't recommend using a premium gin for this one - save that for a gin and tonic in the other hand.
Mouthwash You know that feeling you get after a few too many cocktails? Well, that’s how bacteria feel when they encounter alcohol. If you can’t stand the flavour of peppermint in your mouthwash, why not try gin? Mix in a few drops of thyme oil, which goes well with gin’s juniper flavour, for a herbal anti-microbial kick. Emergencies only of course and just don't tell your dentist.
Combat Arthritis Try a bit of gin if your joints are aching or if you suffer from arthritis. Gin's makeup helps to relieve the pain caused by achy joints, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, some arthritis sufferers even use gin-soaked raisins to reduce joint inflammation. While it isn’t really known why this cure seems to work, people speculate that it has to do with the combined anti-inflammatory properties of juniper, grapes and the sulfur dioxide used to keep the raisins golden.
Air Freshener Fill a spray bottle with some gin and a few drops of jasmine oil for a homemade air freshener. The alcohol quickly evaporates, leaving behind the piney scent of juniper and jasmine. It’s a natural way to remove household odours, from kitchens to bathrooms, on most fabrics and carpets and will even remove the stench in shoes!Gin is a heaven-sent.
Aftershave A post-shave splash of gin keeps the skin tight, whilst cleaning out any nicks. And while you can certainly go with a store-bought brand, the scent of juniper on your neck might turn out to be an irresistible lure for passing gin-lovers.

By Gin Society

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