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The Gin List – Californian gins
The Gin List – Californian gins
From hilly San Francisco to palm-fringed Los Angeles, this west-coast state is home to many a craft distillery producing spirits of the highest calibre. We round up five noteworthy gins straight out of California.


Wilder Gin

Those who like their gin with a twist will appreciate Wilder Gin. A herbaceous, savoury spirit with a 43% ABV, it’s made with 100% organic neutral wheat spirit and nine botanicals, including wild foraged Californian sagebrush, purple sage, bay laurel, yerba santa, pixie mandarin peel and chuchupate. Its makers, Ventura Spirits, take a creative approach to distilling that showcases the bountiful agricultural offerings of California's central coast. They describe the fresh flavoured-packed Wilder Gin as a “botanical blend evocative of coastal mountain trails”.



AMASS Dry Gin Los Angeles

AMASS are distillers of a different kind. They seek out and work with reputed distillers from around the world to craft their spirits. AMASS’s first spirit is a premium dry gin inspired by – and an ode to – Los Angeles. (Their second release is AMASS Vodka, which was crafted in Copenhagen). AMASS Dry Gin is made in downtown Los Angeles by master distiller Morgan McLachlan, who is co-founder of local operation The Spirit Guild. She takes an experimental approach to distilling and has created a terroir-driven spirit in AMASS Dry Gin. Packaged in an aesthetically pleasing matte-black bottle, it is a complex but vibrant and well-rounded spirit featuring unique botanicals like California bay leaf, sarsaparilla, reishi mushroom and lion’s mane mushroom.



St. George Terroir Gin

Established in Alameda in 1982 by Jörg Rupf, St. George Spirits is one of the earliest and well-known artisan distillers to come out of California. Their Terroir Gin is a distinctive spirit with an ABV of 45%. Intense, earthy and aromatic, the foresty flavour profile is described as “an ode to the wild beauty of the Golden State”. Terroir Gin is made with 12 botanicals including California bay laurel, local Douglas fir, roasted coriander seeds and coastal sage. It works a treat in a martini or G&T.



Mulholland New World Gin

Mulholland New World Gin is the creation of LA-based Mulholland Distilling founders Matthew Alper and Hollywood’s own Walton Goggins. Their New World Gin is made with 100% non-GMO corn-spirit which is distilled six times and brings together traditional botanicals like juniper, coriander and angelica and marries them with French lavender, Japanese cucumber and Persian lime aromatics. The end result is a unique, bright and fresh gluten-free gin that was awarded Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018. Enjoy it neat or as a standout base for gin cocktails.



Distillery 209 No. 209 Gin

No. 209 Gin is a small-batch spirit handcrafted in San Francisco by Distillery 209, which sits over the water’s edge on the city’s Pier 50. Distillery 209 produces a range of wine-barrel reserve gins and a kosher gin and vodka, but their flagship spirit is the No. 209. Distilled five times, this aromatic gin is citrus and floral led with a touch of spice. It features 11 botanicals including angelica root, orange peel, coriander seed, bergamot, cardamom pods, cassia bark and lemon peel sourced from around the world.


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