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Spirit of the Sea: 5 Coastal Gins
Spirit of the Sea: 5 Coastal Gins
For some, gin conjures feelings of warmth and camaraderie tucked away in a speakeasy-style bar in the middle of a city. For others, it’s a versatile spirit that can work just as well as a summer spritz as a winter warmer. For these distillers, gin is all about the ocean. Bright, fresh, and playful on your palate, here are five of the best coastal gins.
Manly Spirits Coastal Gin

Coastal Citrus Gin is all about summer hazy days, from beach to balmy nights, with good company thrown in. The flavour inspiration comes from the Australian coast and its native pantry. Earthy citrus notes from lemon aspen partner with fresh coriander leaf to give a punchy citrus hit, which is offset by the delicate savoury flavours from local sea parsley. All of this is rounded out with the classic juniper backbone. Serve with a premium tonic and garnish with a slice of lemon. ABV 43%. Click here to purchase.

Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin Pavilion Strength is an original hand-made craft British gin. Clear and bright in the glass, the subtle notes of juniper and persistent hints of orange make this gin gentle and approachable. This multi award-winning gin is a favourite in a classic G&T or as a base for a range of cocktails. Click here to purchase.

Great Ocean Road Guvvos Contemporary Dry Gin

Great Ocean Road Guvvos Gin

Inspired by native botanicals from the Great Ocean Road, Guvvos is a modern take on a classic dry style. It’s a luscious citrus gin, with crisp clean juniper, and savoury ocean notes. There are 24 botanicals, nine of which are local to the Surf Coast region, including coast daisy, saltbush, pigface, kelp, indigenous eucalypts and local honey. ABV 41%. Click here to purchase.

Seabourne Coastal Dry Gin
Seabourne Coastal Dry Gin

A modern dry gin with piney and citrus notes from native white kunzea flower and sunrise lime. Awash with the freshness of river mint and a spice-driven undercurrent of mountain pepperleaf, juniper and local sea parsley. A slow sipper, best enjoyed over ice with premium tonic and a wedge of grapefruit. ABV 43%. Click here to purchase.

Lind and Lime Gin by Port of Leith Distillery

Lind and Lime Gin

Lind & Lime Gin is one juniper forward gin that gets its powerful citrus freshness from lime peel, balanced by spice from pink peppercorns and four other botanicals. Distilled with 100% clean electricity, produced with 100% organic ingredients and packaged with 100% plastic free materials in a beautiful wine shaped bottle that echoes the industrial glassworks heritage of the city in which the gin is produced. Click here to purchase.

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