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Unseen before in the world of gin, this unique spirit from Hartshorn Distillery in Tasmania is made using Sheep Whey, a by product of their sister business Grandvewe Cheeses. Created by self taught Master Distiller Ryan Hartshorn. Sheep Whey Gin is made with juniper and six native Australian botanicals. They include lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, wattle seed, Tasmanian pepper leaf and two secret botanicals – “an Australian native flower and an Australian sweet grass” – that have never been used in gin before.


The Sheep Whey gift box includes:

  • Sheep Whey Gin (500mL)
  • 4 Riedel Gin Society G&T glasses
  • Copper bottle opener, bar spoon & strainer
  • Worth $227.95


Bottle Size500mL


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Nose: Hartshorn Distillery's Sheep Whey Gin is a soft and delicate gin with hints of sweet buttermilk and citrus, which reminds me of lemon cheesecake. Beyond that, the aromas of rose petal and fresh straw can be found.

Palate: Wattleseed and anise are the first flavours I taste, then there is a heat, perhaps from the slightly higher alcohol beverage volume (ABV) or is it the native pepper berry? The amazing mouth-coating effect this gin has is like nothings I've ever come across before, probably because this is the first whey product of it's kind. Beautiful!

Note: If you 're going to mix this please don't add tonic, as this soft and delicate gin would be lost. If you are going to mix it I would suggest soda or just drinking it over ice.

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