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Combining Peruvian and British spirit traditions – and after plenty of experimentation – distiller Alexander James has created a London Dry gin made on a base of Quebranta grapes, which have been used to produce the iconic Peruvian spirit pisco for centuries.


In fact, one of the first recorded recipes for gin, which dates back to 1495, reveals it was originally made on grapes. Having adapted a 400-litre Portuguese copper pot still called Endeavour, Alex started working on different pisco, base spirit and gin distillations. “I knew I wanted to make a London Dry gin, but why would you make a really good pisco and then get rid of all those fruity, floral notes?”


Finally, he came up with a flavour profile he was happy with. By bringing forward the juniper and balancing the pisco with botanicals, London to Lima’s first spirit – Glacier Adventure – was born.


The London to Lima gift box includes:

  • London to Lima Gin (500mL)
  • 4 Riedel Gin Society G&T glasses
  • Copper bottle opener, bar spoon & strainer
  • Worth $227.95


Bottle Size500mL
Standard Drinks17


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I haven’t come across grape-based gins too often, so London to Lima caught my tastebuds’ attention right away. The fruity undertone carried through the length of the sip. At first, the fruity taste tricked me into thinking I was tasting a pisco, but it quickly changed into spiciness, filling my mouth with adventurous black pepper, coriander seed and cinnamon seasonings. After the spice treatment, I was in for another ride. The spices exploded into a heat sensation, derived mainly from the pink peppercorn, and gently ignited my tastebuds towards the destination. The heat was then accompanied by the juniper, giving the palate a medium to long-lasting finish with juniper and citrus notes.

mika ammunet
Gin Society Expert


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