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Juno Gift Box

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Mt Taranaki, New Zealand

Husband and wife team Dave and Jo James built out the flavour profile of Juno Extra Fine Gin with orange black peppercorns, Angelica root, kaffir lime leaves, green cardamom, Manuka and cassia bark, and water from nearby Mt Taranaki. Describing it as “juniper-led, aromatic, with a beautiful citrus sparkle to it and some peppery heat at the finish”, Jo says it’s a versatile London Dry-style that drinks well in a martini, on the rocks and in a G&T.


The Juno gift box includes:

  • Juno Extra Fine Gin (700mL)
  • 4 Riedel Gin Society G&T glasses
  • Copper jigger, bar spoon & strainer
  • Worth $227.95


Juno Extra Fine Gin certainly lives up to its name. Using fresh mountain water from Mount Taranaki, which towers over the distillery, you can feel its artisan quality when you take your first sip. Smooth, light and pure in texture means I'm instantly going back for a second.

Juniper is first and forefront on both the nose and at first taste, however this blends almost instantly into clear citrus notes of fresh lemon peel. With a spice kick from the coriander and pepper lingering on the middle of the palate, the blend of flavours is robust, complex and delicate – which is no small feat! I appreciate the lingering quality of the other base botanicals, with Manuka and cardamom both deserving a special mention as they come through beautifully at the front of the palate.

What I love about Juno is that the big and botanical structure of the gin can hold its own flavour with tonic and in cocktails, however it is equally drinkable as a sipping gin on the rocks. The balance of delicate, local botanicals with a heavy citrus and juniper character is unique and completely delicious. It is thoughtfully made, with taste and texture complementing each other perfectly.

jess old
Gin Society Expert


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