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It was while working in Tokyo in 2000 that distiller Christian Jensen realised the supply of good-quality gin was decreasing. A few years later, when it was time for Christian to return home to London, the owner of a local bar presented him with one of his favourite bottles of vintage gin as a leaving present. “He joked, saying, ‘Go home and make some gin. I can’t keep finding this old stuff!’” It took Christian 150 iterations and 1.5 years to get the recipe right, and this is the result. Gin as it was. Gin as it should be.


The Jensen’s gift box includes:

  • Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry Gin (700mL)
  • 4 Riedel Gin Society G&T glasses
  • Copper bottle opener, bar spoon & strainer
  • RRP $225


Bottle Size700mL
Standard Drinks30


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Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry Gin is a classic London dry style gin, and this is evident from the nose forward. I find the aroma has subtle notes of pine, eucalyptus and juniper, but it’s almost slightly soapy, too. It’s certainly well rounded.

The botanical make-up of this gin is a closely guarded secret. I taste a mix of juniper, obviously, but not overwhelming, nice earthy tones, perfect amount of spice ‘liquorice’, floral and potentially lemon citrus, and coriander. It most definitely has all the usual suspects in terms of botanicals that you find in a London dry gin. It’s got a slight warmth from the 43% ABV, but all the flavours bind together like magic.

The final part is the aftertaste, which has enough lingering on the mouthfeel and it dissipates at a perfect rate. It leaves you wanting more, that’s for sure.

mikey enright
Gin Society Expert


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