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Traditional gin is the inspiration behind Hobart No.4’s well-balanced blend of flavours – anise myrtle for its bright aromatics, lemon myrtle for a hint of citrus, wattleseed for an earthy base note and spicy pepperberry, alongside plenty of juniper, of course. Perhaps most importantly, embracing age-old Tasmanian distilling traditions meant leaving behind any notion of creating a London Dry gin. Hobart No. 4 is a big and rustic gin.


The Hobart No.4 gift box includes:

  • Hobart No.4 Gin (700mL)
  • 4 Riedel Gin Society G&T glasses
  • Copper bottle opener, bar spoon & strainer
  • Worth $227.95


Bottle Size700mL
Standard Drinks24


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As a pot-distilled, 100% malted barley spirit gin, Hobart No.4 is remarkably different from your standard London Dry from the outset. The nose is full of rich, malty, ripe fruit and grain - more like a new-make whisky than a traditional gin. Piney juniper is subtle but present along with a lovely peppery note with hints of thyme, sweet oregano, liquorice and lemon butter. On tasting, a light piney juniper entry leads into a big, textural, malty profile with aniseed dominating, as well as vanilla, vibrant pepper and a grounding burnt coffee and dark cocoa note from the wattleseed. Both on the palate and the finish, the malt spirit exhibits its texture by really gripping the palate and not letting go. Much creamier than a London Dry. Aftertaste is fresh, herbal and aniseed-forward, with a lovely, lingering peppery warmth from the pepperberry.

fred siggins
Gin Society Expert


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