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Negroni Cannoli
Negroni Cannoli
Meet Negroni Cannoli. To celebrate Negroni Week we've teamed up with Eat Cannoli to bring you the combo of a bitter cocktail and an Italian sweet style dessert. That makes for one deliciously different Cannoli to enjoy with that after-dinner Negroni.

Campari and cannoli ... The iconic Italian cocktail cuts through this sweet and creamy Italian dessert, leaving a bitter-sweet flavour hit.


Rolling since 2017, Eat Cannoli has grown from a tiny vintage caravan visiting markets and festivals, to a store in Preston, Victoria. Founded by husband and wife Dom and Kate Marzano, everything is handmade from scratch and 100% gluten free and accredited by Coeliac Australia.


You can find the Negroni Cannoli and other amazing desserts at their website here


Gin Society Negroni Cannoli
Negroni Cannoli made by Eat Cannoli using our Gin Society Negroni. Photo credit: Instagram @gfgirlmelb

What is a Cannoli?
Cannoli are Italian pastries consisting of tube-shaped pastry shells that are a fried pastry dough. The tubes are then filled with a creamy filling that generally consists of ricotta cheese and powdered sugar as well as other flavourings. Originating in Sicily – Cannoli was first created on the little Italian island, specifically in the Palermo and Messina regions. Sicilians developed the dessert, especially for their Carnivale celebrations. Cannoli are popular all year in Italy – Although cannoli was originally a special treat for Carnivale, they eventually caught on so much that bakers started selling them throughout the year. At that point, they became a staple not only at Sicilian meals but all over Italy. Even today, Italians enjoy cannoli on both special occasions and typical family meals. Read more fun facts on Cannolis here

Eat Cannoli Preston
"Our Cannoli Tower - a beautifully stacked colourful artwork that is super flavoursome and has almost all of your guests dietary requirements covered. " Eat Cannoli
By Gin Society

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