Caroline Wood.


Head of Marketing at Fever-Tree AU

Having worked in the drinks industry for more than a decade – from spirits to beer to wine to mixers – Caroline Wood recently celebrated her three-year anniversary as Head of Marketing at Fever-Tree Australia. We sat down with Caroline as this issue’s Ginsider.

How were you introduced to gin?

I’m from Glasgow, Scotland originally. Back then there wasn’t such a wide variety of gin and tonic on offer, so my earliest memories are of my parents drinking copious amounts of Gordon’s gin and Schweppes diet tonic. I’ll always remember it had to be the diet version.

What makes gin such a special spirit for you?

I think now it’s the wealth of flavours, but also the stories behind the brands and the makers. I love learning their stories and how they came to make gin. I also love the conversations that come about when we educate people on the gin and tonic. Our Fever-Tree Gin and Tonic Festivals have been super-interesting in educating people on the styles and pairings – and I love just having random conversations with people in the supermarket about which tonic to buy.

How do you drink your gin?

I like a classic G&T in a large copa glass. My husband is Spanish so I’m used to the way they serve it over there.

What are some of the gins you’ve been trying lately?

Having not been able to get back to Scotland for a few years, I’m now enjoying some good Scottish gins such as Lind & Lime, Isle of Harris and Tobermory. From here in Australia I love Farmer’s Wife as well as Four Pillars Olive Leaf. These are all favourites in my house!

What’s your most memorable gin experience?

Hot nights on the coast in Spain with family – tasting lots of different gins but always with Fever-Tree tonic!

What are your three desert island gins?

The Botanist
Lind & Lime
Farmer’s Wife

What have you noticed about the gin landscape in Australia recently?

Just the crazy amount of innovation coming through. It’s amazing to see how much the category has developed and continues to grow here in Australia especially. Now that we are back out and about, it’s great to see the camaraderie among distillers and the joint sense of purpose. It’s a nice industry to be part of. Everyone is in competition yet friends at the same time.

What do you like about Gin Society?

I love the unique content and rare gins that come through. I’m always excited to receive my little package each month! It’s great to properly learn about the gin and who has produced it – feels like a rather exclusive club!

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